Ep. 98 Do Krugman’s Opponents Lie About Taxes, Health Care, and Everything Else? Or Is Krugman Just Dead Wrong?

4 August 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     18

Republicans are incorrigibly wrong on issue after issue, from taxes to health care, says Krugman. They have no respect for experts, for data, or for the truth itself.

And yet it turns out that the guy who’s wrong is…(you’ll never guess).

Krugman Column

Who Ate Republicans’ Brains?” (July 31, 2017)


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See pp. 35ff.

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  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    Democrats: Dictatorial, socialistic, economically ignorant, spendaholics
    Republicans: Authoritarian, economically hypocritical, spendaholics

  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    Democrat fixes are always the same:
    1. More government spending.
    2. More government control with regulation.
    Two proven ways to make anything worse.

  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    Government can now require any purchase by taxing people for not purchasing that which our politicians feel like making us purchase.

    What is next? Everyone has to buy solar panels or they get a tax penalty? Everyone has to buy an electric car or they get a tax penalty?

    How about this one? Everyone has to purchase a gun and have gun training or they get a tax penalty.

    The Supreme Court decided that it is constitutional for Congress and the President to bluff people into doing things. The mandate is a fraud because there is no enforcement of it.

    The IRS cannot come after you if you don’t pay the penalty. If they tried to enforce it then it would be unconstitutional under direct taxation.

    The Supreme Court basically said that it is constitutional for the Federal Government to govern its citizens with fear and falsehoods, if the people are gullible enough to believe it.

    • martinbrock

      Compulsory purchases are nothing new. Just look under the hood of your car.

      • CristobaI

        But we are not forced to buy cars.

        • martinbrock

          You’re forced to buy a catalytic converter if you want a car.

          • CristobaI

            Yes. Essentially an excise tax.
            Technically, it’s our option wether we want to buy a car; whereas we don’t have the option to NOT purchase health insurance.
            It’s similar to the gas taxes.

    • CristobaI

      I may be wrong, but didn’t the government(s of the states) require a gun purchase in the newly founded USA as part of Militia responsibility?

  • CristobaI

    Healthcare is such a difficult issue.
    Costs are so heavy that it’s difficult to argue with people that a real free market would be better for everyone.

    • Bob_Robert

      Costs are heavy because of a century of government regulation of medicine.


      • CristobaI

        I’m still reading but this seems to be a great resource.

        “Costs are heavy because of a century of government regulation of medicine.”

        — without having a firm grasp of some of the particulars (even though I’ve listened to countless podcasts from Tom and others on Health Care) it’s difficult to express just how the effects of government have created these cost-explosions. Do you know of a Woods podcast where the case is outlined really well (as it appears to be in this article)?

        • Bob_Robert

          You are more than welcome. The three good thinktanks, FEE.org, FFF.org, and Mises.org, have many articles on medical regulation and the resulting cost increases.

          Tom had one podcast specifically on market medicine, maybe it will have something of interest.


  • http://about.me/harrypainter Harry Painter

    This doesn’t link to the Murphy Reich thing the podcast said it would link to – am I missing it?

  • Bob_Robert

    It seems someone forgot to link the video!


    • Bob_Robert

      As you did link it, Thanks.

  • https://dvheld.wordpress.com/ Dusan Vilicic Held

    Plot twist: the special guest is Paul Krugman honoring Keynes’ tradition of arguing against himself

  • maninthewilderness

    What a relief to get back to normal after Episode 97. Any episode with so little Murphy just doesn’t cut it.

  • Michael Sarkor

    I’d be curious to see the results of that survey – you guys should share them somehow.