Ep. 1 Contra Krugman: Who, What, Why and How

30 September 2015     |     Tom Woods     |     23

Welcome to Contra Krugman! In this inaugural episode, Tom Woods and Bob Murphy explain what they’re seeking to apaul-krugman-the-deficit-is-basically-solvedccomplish with the podcast, what the format will be, the occasional guests they’d like to see, and much more. Enjoy, and please subscribe to the show!

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Bob’s Books
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Free Market Institute, Texas Tech University

Book Mentioned

Meltdown, by Tom Woods

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  • http://tklist.us TKList

    Episode 1 is playing episode 2.

  • Dale Holmgren

    Congratulations! I’m excited to see this up, and it’s true – it’s good to push back against someone who ridicules us so viciously. Let’s rock this website!

  • Jeff Anderson

    I’m looking forward to listening while Tom and the Zombie take Krugman apart!

  • Patrick Binder


  • http://TheInterventionistParadox.wordpress.com/ Bharat

    Hey Dr. Woods and Dr. Murphy, just throwing this out there in case you haven’t thought about it:

    Blog discussions generally are most popular the day of and the first few days after a post is released. I’m not extremely familiar with Krugman’s blog, but I’d assume it follows the same pattern. As such, I think there’d be an advantage in releasing the podcast earlier in the week so that it’s part of that initial discussion. People might even post links to it on Krugman’s blog and it’d probably get a lot more attention because of that.

  • jackson c

    How do I download this thing?!
    n/m I got it after some futzing… you need to click the “play” button on the left first…

    • http://www.TomWoods.com Tom Woods

      I have no idea why those bizarre buttons are superimposing themselves on the download button. Our tech guy will fix it in the morning. In the meantime, you can either just click play or you can download the episodes via the iTunes and Stitcher links at the upper left.

  • Michael Gurecki

    Well done Bob and Tom… thanks!

  • martinbrock

    Russ Roberts would be a good guest. I rarely see him on “hard core” libertarian sites, but he’s a consistent minarchist on economic issues, and econtalk is a consistently excellent podcast. It was my favorite economics oriented podcast before the Tom Woods Show appeared.

  • Lauren

    My MBA Economic Analysis course is using Krugman’s Economics text and so I need this podcast to restore the balance in my life. I’ve been so excited for Contra Krugman to start! Thanks for making this happen, Dr. Woods and Dr. Murphy!

  • DMS

    Great stuff! Looking forward to it.

    May I make a very strong suggestion? You should early on do an episode about Krugman’s post of September 15th where he clearly and cleanly lays out his Keynesian framework in four bullet points. To his credit (wow, that felt weird), his commentaries tend to remain consistent with the assumptions inherent in this framework, which of course include the internal contradictions and misapprehensions therein. Your discussion would be educational and informative in its own right, but you would probably end up posting a link to this discussion in half of your subsequent discussions.


  • Ling Silberbaum

    Finally! I have wanted to listen to this since the first day Tom announced the idea in his show. I have always avoided Krugman’s column, and consider Keynes and Krugman to be a charlatans.

    Keynes is popular with the political set and the Socialists because he sanctifies government spending and counterfeiting as doing good. It really just transfers wealth from the productive class to the government class and their cronies. If government spending caused prosperity, every city in America would resemble Monte Carlo. I often wonder why they never ask, why isn’t this working?

    Tech note: The popout did not work for me. It turns out it was because I use a really aggressive ad blocker. I turned the ad blocker off and it worked.

  • Caleb

    Super pumped for this!

  • Voluntary Interaction

    Love it! Regarding the artwork, does anyone else prefer Krugman to be the diminutive one instead of Tom and Bob? I do!

  • Richard G Ellefritz

    Ah, no! If Krugman is “correct” on any given week you don’t have to skip that week (which I wouldn’t imagine two work horses like you two would do – yes, that’s an Orwellian reference…).

    If Krugman’s “correct,” it will be most likely due to the fact that a) a broken clock it correct twice a day, and b) it’s Krugman, he’s getting an editorial with the theory published by part of the system that is guided by his (and the NYTs) paradigm!

    Of course he’ll be right from time to time, but those are the weeks that you have to address WHY he’s right in terms of his proximal explanation, not the ultimate causes of the economic conditions.

  • Vincent Cate

    Krugman has said many times that nobody has a model for how things go bad in a country that prints its own money and gets too much debt and deficit. I made such a model:


  • Glenn Horowitz

    Bob neglected two significant credentials in his self-description:

    1) He’s a karaoke maestro of epic stature (I saw him last at Nashville’s 5-Spot in mid-June with the Music City Friends of Liberty event and I can attest he was in top form) and
    2) He makes a really impressive zombie when the mood’s on him.

  • dogbert

    I hope I can read Contra Krugman articles without the need to read the Krugman pieces they are based on. My brain can’t focus on anything Krugman writes; my fingers can’t seem to click on links to his articles. It’s a condition; what can I say? Best of luck to you; I look forward to reading.

    • http://www.TomWoods.com Tom Woods

      It’s a podcast, so we won’t generally be writing articles.

      • dogbert

        Oops; my bad. Sorry, and thanks.

  • ErikEssig

    I like Bob and Tom. But the introduction stuff was ponderous.

  • Erik L

    LOVE the podcast! Thanks guys.

  • http://fredbullot.over-blog.com/ Fred BULLOT

    (y) 😎 (y) 😎 (y) 😎 (y)
    Ep. # 1 Who, What, Why & How ?