Ep. 97 How Central Banks Hurt Regular People (LIVE from Mises U)

1 August 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     4

How do central banks hurt the common man? That’s the theme of our discussion in this episode, recorded live at the Mises Institute’s annual week-long instructional program for students. Professor Jeffrey Herbener of Grove City College and Ph.D. candidate Louis Rouanet join us.

Material Discussed

Optimal Monetary Policy,” by Jorg Guido Hulsmann
Monetary Policy, Asset Price Inflation, and Inequality,” by Louis Rouanet (PDF)
The Case for a Free Market in Money,” congressional testimony by Jeff Herbener

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  • Maxim Amplikov

    Apparently all the Contra Krugman fans are on vacation. Therefore it falls to me to be the first to comment: Mr. Rouanet is sometimes difficult to understand, but with some accent-reduction, I think he will be a regular speaker at the Mises Institute, on par with the already wildly popular Carmen Elena Dorobat.

  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    If the Fed wants a 2% inflation target is that not the same as saying it wants to tax everyone 2%?

  • Sean Doherty

    Great episode, full of economic learnings as always!

  • Brent Ancap

    Man I love live episodes. Educational and funny!