Ep. 96 Long Ago, Weren’t Conservatives Better Than They Are Now?

21 July 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     15

On his blog, Krugman responds to fellow columnist Bret Stephens, who argues that the conservative movement has fallen a long way since the days of William F. Buckley. Krugman responds that the conservative movement was never any good, and never had any kind of golden age.

Believe it or not, we get more worked up in this episode than probably any episode thus far. You won’t want to skip this one.

Krugman Blog Post

When Was The Golden Age Of Conservative Intellectuals?,” July 9, 2017

Related Column

Sean Hannity Is No William F. Buckley,” by Bret Stephens

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  • Maxim Amplikov

    I think Dr. Woods is being very harsh on Tomi Lahren. I’m sure she’ll get around to reading a book as soon as she’s done with her TV appearances…in 2040.

    • CristobaI

      Would you bother reading if you looked like that?

  • Maxim Amplikov

    Buckley was a wonderfully patriotic CIA agent who used obscure Latin words to prove how smart he was, and to destroy the reputations of his betters. The fact that he looked like some sort of an amphibian with a flicking tongue should not be held against him.

    • johnnyreb

      …patriotic CIA agent…?? An oxymoron I think!

  • Maxim Amplikov

    National Review’s obituary of EKL was also a deliberate insult.

  • Maxim Amplikov

    Krugman is not only ignorant, he is authentically insane. (I realize this has been said many times.) I would diagnose him as suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, among other maladies. Donahue has been getting a lot of good publicity lately because he was opposed to the invasion of Iraq. But he is also viciously anti-Christian. Attacking Christianity is reflexive for him. Like Bernie Sanders, he defines it as “fascist.”

  • The Abolitionist

    http://www.libertyunbound.com/sites/files/printarchive/Liberty_Magazine_January_2006.pdf Jeff Riggenbach in “the Mighty Flynn” argues that the so-called ‘old-right’ are actually self-described on the left and liberals. the left right paradaigm and thus liberal conservative has always etymologically and historically been about power (i.e. rothbard’s title power and the market). power to the state, since the ancien regime of absolutist monarchs, is conservatism, and power away from the state to the individual is liberalism. any other description is nonsense on stilts. please have Jeff Riggenbach on any of your podcasts and discuss these labels (left, right, liberal, conservative). it would make for a great discussion/debate.

    • Maxim Amplikov

      I believe your conflation of liberty with the left is nonsense. The Left as we know it, which first reared its horrifying head in the French Revolution, has been opposed to individual liberty and in favor of state-sponsored mass murder from the beginning. The mere mention of the words “liberty” or “freedom” is enough to make a Leftist spit blood. The word “liberal” is meaningless when applied to these creatures.

      The “conservatives” of today are of little use in our defensive struggle against the Left. In fact, many are actively serving the Left. It is up to the Libertarians to rally the remnant in defense of Christian civilization.

    • CristobaI

      Riggenbach’s voice alone is worth the price of admission…not that there is a price for the podcasts.

      I agree. I’d love to hear him interviewed.

  • The Abolitionist

    “Flynn was a liberal – a
    man of the Left – .and he
    remained one for his entire
    career. It was the American
    political climate that changed,
    not he.” -Riggenbach

  • James M. Ray

    Phil Donohue was maddening in his reflexive — almost instinctive — statist bias, but as you both say, at least he’d let the opposing side speak. TV has gone downhill in spite of the apparent time-abundance of the 24 hour news cycle, and it’s disheartening.

  • http://mishochu.com Mish Ochu
  • Donnie Gebert
  • davegrille

    Buckley was the peak of Conservatism ,now the the mantle of righteousness belongs tp the Libertarians .