Ep. 94 The Disastrous Results of a Trade War

9 July 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     15

Is a trade war in the offing? There’s plenty of protectionist talk coming from the White House. Will it “save jobs”?

Krugman Column

Oh! What a Lovely Trade War” (July 3, 2017)

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Trade Deficits and Fiat Currencies,” by Bob Murphy

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  • davegrille

    Ideally government should be disintermediated from world trade.

  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    America needs market forces to balance imports and exports not bureaucrats.

  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    Protectionism helps the few and hurts the many, especially the poorest among us.

    • Stratos

      You’ve been dinking the Koolaid

      • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

        You do not understand economics and math.

  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    3 Cs of Economic Growth:
    Cut Regulation, Cut Spending, Cut Taxes
    When government tries to micro-manage, government does a lot of damage.

  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    America needs market forces to balance interest rates, not the Federal Reserve Board.

  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    America needs market forces to balance value of the dollar, not the government or the Federal Reserve Board.

  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    If the Chinese could build a car for a dollar should Americans say “no thanks we would rather pay tens of thousands and keep our manufacturing jobs”?

    • Stratos

      Absolutely! If you’re a patriot!

      • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

        Bastiat’s famous Candlestick makers’ Petition

        • B.Krishnan “OriCraft” Iyengar

          wow that is hilarious! how do protectionist arguments still exist today after that devastating satirical critique?

          • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

            Sadly not much has changed in over 170 years since it was written, the world still has not learned the basic lessons of economics.