Ep. 91 You Know Where There Won’t Be a Shipwreck

18 June 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     4

Krugman says Trump is wrecking the ship of state: the president’s worse than even his harshest critics warned. Trump’s petty politics on health care is causing insurers to hike premiums, while his foreign policy moves indicate corruption and recklessness.

We point out Krugman’s flip-flopping on health insurers, and you’ll also learn how to pronounce “Qatar.”

Krugman Column

Wrecking the Ship of State” (June 9, 2017)

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  • Brent Ancap

    The bit after the closing music was hilarious.

  • Keegan Idler

    Love the title

  • Doug D

    Bahraini Arabic pronunciation of “Qatar”:


    Stress is on the last syllable.

  • johnnyreb

    Whenever I hear about tangerine juice, I can’t help being reminded of the song ‘Tangerine’ from the 40’s when pop music still had a connection to civilization. i cannot abide the sound of the jingle that’s seemingly so highly prized here. It reminds me of the sixties, much of which was unbearable (with honorable exceptions). If anyone cares to hear the song ‘Tangerine’, here is a link: