Ep. 77 It’s Easy to Criticize, But How Good Are Self-Proclaimed Free Market People at Devising Alternatives?

13 March 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     10

Republicans are now figuring out that really, the Democrats have been right all along, which is why it’s so hard to devise a true alternative to Obamacare. That’s Krugman’s argument in this column. They’re also flubbing the way they’re pitching corporate tax reform. This isn’t because their leader, Donald Trump, is a bozo, but because they themselves are shysters who are good at sloganeering but bad at governing.

Krugman Column

A Party Not Ready to Govern” (March 6, 2017)

Contra Column

Rothbard: The Myth of Tax “Reform”,” by Murray Rothbard

Lara-Murphy Podcast Episode Mentioned

Ep. 35 GOP Tax Reform and International Trade (Part 1 of 3)

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  • Icy Blast

    Did they actually excise part of their conversation?

  • Icy Blast

    I hope these two don’t get tired of each other. Their podcasts are fun.

  • Bob_Robert

    Please stop using “boob” as a derogatory. Boobs are great. That would be an improvement on Krugman.

    • Icy Blast

      Good point. Breasts are wonderful and should only be referred to as such. Also, “cheesy” (or “cheesy”) has to go. Cheese is one of the greatest inventions ever, and should never be used as a pejorative.

    • http://www.jamesbbkk.com/ jamesbbkk

      Mammaries, light the corners of my mind . . ..

      • Bob_Robert

        Thanks for the mammaries
        The big ones and the small, the short ones and the tall…

    • Maxim Amplikov

      Good point. Nor should “cheesy” be used as an insult. Breasts and cheese are two of the things that make life worth living. Next thing you know, one of these degenerate young people will start using “beer” as a pejorative term.

  • mh

    Germany once hat a federal sales tax.
    Guess what happened?
    They turned it into a VAT.
    And then they raised the tax rate.
    And then they raised the tax rate.
    And then they raised the tax rate.
    And then they raised the tax rate.
    And then they raised the tax rate.
    And then they raised the tax rate.
    And then they raised the tax rate.

    Now with 19% VAT Germany is on the extreme LOW END* of VAT rates in the EU.
    You wanna stay as far away from any kind of federal sales taxes as you can, America.

    *there’s plenty countries with even more ridiculous rates…

  • mary

    Why the secrecy? REALLY????????????????

    Exactly how can this hypocrite attack the Republicans for making the Obummercare replacement bill secret when Nancy Botox Pelosi said about Obummercare, “We Have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

    And why are you not pointing this out?

    The fact that Pelosi is still in office–still alive–after saying that speaks volumes about CA voters and the trouble the country is in.

    Tom, you ask if we’re sick of Krugman. Hell yeah, I am and all the other lying, stealing creeps in the Mocking Bird media and Modor on the Potomac.

  • martinbrock

    An “equal tax” is incredibly bone headed, really. If the tax is supposed to fund property rights protection, taxing everyone equally, regardless of the value their property, is ridiculous. No private security or theft insurance firm charges a flat rate, and no private toll road sells a pass regardless of the buyer’s miles on the road.