Ep. 72 Will Trump Make Manufacturing Decline Faster?

5 February 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     6

Donald Trump was elected in part to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States and reversing that sector’s decline. Krugman says his program will do the exact opposite.

Krugman Column

Making the Rust Belt Rustier” (January 27, 2017)

Contra Columns

The Reagan Record on Trade: Rhetoric vs. Reality,” by Sheldon Richman (PDF)
Ronald Reagan: An Autopsy,” by Murray Rothbard

What Krugman Once Said

Taking On China,” by Paul Krugman


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  • Stratos

    I think it’s time for Krugman to take on a real job. Like for instance , delivering newspapers instead of wasting ink writing for them. I’ve watched this guy’s mind decline over the years. It’s OK, it happens

  • JimD

    Good podcast.

  • http://uviewnews.com/ UVN

    Blame big government (excessive regulation, excessive taxation, excessive spending and the Federal Reserve) for hoarding off-shore, outsourcing, corporate inversions and the problems of American workers; not innovation, not technology, not immigration, not globalization, not foreign currency manipulation, not foreign subsidies, not journalists, not the media.

  • martinbrock

    Regardless of cheap shots and hypocrisy, and regardless of his budget deficit/interest rate/trade deficit theory, Krugman is right about Trump’s mercantilism. Dumping the TPP is cause for celebration, but Trump’s alternatives are not.

  • Adam House

    As a long-time blue collar worker and philosophical free marketeer; these were some of the first issues that really began my education of the larger policies effecting my jobs as Steelworker, Machinist, Teamster, & Longshoreman at various times. This may be my fav episode of Contra Krugman yet m/

  • Bob_Robert

    I liked, “I wonder if Murray wrote anything about this…”

    Chortle. If he was alive, he wrote about it.