Ep. 71 Krugman: Things Are Going to Get Worse, and When They Do, My Opponents Will Manufacture Their Own Reality

29 January 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     15

Trump and his supporters live in a bubble and manufacture their own reality, says Krugman. That’s Krugman talking, we remind you. Krugman is speaking about other people manufacturing their own reality. This from a guy who manufactures whatever reality conforms to the partisan demands of the moment, as we’ve shown in drearily copious detail.

Krugman Column

Things Can Only Get Worse” (January 23, 2017)

Contra Column and Video

Trade Deficits and Fiat Currencies,” by Bob Murphy


The Jason Stapleton Program is another great Monday-to-Friday libertarian podcast, looking at current events from a libertarian perspective. Check it out!

Funny Column

Here’s FiveThirtyEight trying to say the murder rate spike in Chicago is no big whoop.

Podcast Episode Mentioned (Tom Woods Show)

Ep. 481 How Capitalism Can Fix Health Care (Josh Umbehr)

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