Ep. 7 Obamacare Is a Big Success, Says Krugman

31 October 2015     |     Tom Woods     |     45

Says Krugman this week: poor Mitt Romney. Now he wants to take credit for paving the way for Obamacare, but the rubes in the GOP will rip his head off. But Mitt is right, says Krugman, and in any event the Affordable Care Act has been a great success! None of the terrible things opponents predicted would happen have come to pass.

Your hosts dissent.

Krugman Column

Free Mitt Romney” (Oct 26, 2015)

Columns Mentioned

Sequester of Fools,” by Paul Krugman
Health Care for Everyone? We Found a Way,” by Mitt Romney (subscription required)

Book Mentioned

The Primal Prescription: Surviving the “Sick Care” Sinkhole, by Doug McGuff and Bob Murphy

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