Ep. 68 Corruption: What Krugman Sees, and What He Pretends Not to See

7 January 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     10

Trump promises to be the most corrupt president in U.S. history, says Krugman, who offers hotel reservations as a key example. Democratic and bipartisan corruption is of course ignored. Oh, and two more times — in a single column! — Krugman links to something he claims is saying one thing, but which when you click on it you discover is saying quite another. In all, perfect fodder for Contra Krugman.


At the 24:40 mark and then again at 25:29, Bob erroneously says that it was WikiLeaks that distributed Edward Snowden’s material documenting the extent of NSA spying. However, Snowden’s leaks were initially distributed (via Glenn Greenwald) through The Guardian. (Bob’s overall point, namely that known liar James Clapper was now being used to discredit WikiLeaks’ Assange, is still valid, but it wasn’t Assange who had been the vehicle of demonstrating Clapper’s lies to Congress.) We apologize for the error.

Krugman Column

America Becomes a Stan” (January 2, 2017)

Contra Column

Privatizing Federal Government Assets,” by Bob Murphy
(the “Running Government Like a Business” section spells out Bob’s last point in the episode)
Understanding the Russian “hacking” meme,” by Gene Callahan

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