Ep. 5 Who’s Crazy?

17 October 2015     |     Tom Woods     |     18


Paul Krugman says Paul Ryan is an empty suit whose budget plans are ridiculous. No arguments there, as we’ll show. But the problem with Ryan isn’t that he’s an Ayn Randian, as Krugman absurdly suggests, or that his proposals are too draconian. As usual when Krugman gets one right, he gets it right for the wrong reason. Ryan’s proposals are much too timid, they take domestic “savings” and pour them into military boondoggles, and don’t do a thing about entitlements.

Krugman Column

The Crazies and the Con Man” (Oct. 12, 2015)

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Contra Columns and Background

How Draconian is the Ryan Plan?” by Bob Murphy
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House Overwhelmingly Approves Spending Measure that Rolls Back Sequester,” by Ed Krayewski
CBO analysis of Ryan budget proposal, 2011 (PDF)
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Books Mentioned

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, by Tom Woods
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