Ep. 3 Trump Is Right About Economics, Says Krugman

30 September 2015     |     Tom Woods     |     25


Paul Krugman says Donald Trump is right to question supply-side orthodoxy about taxation of the wealthy. And Krugman says it’s a myth that cutting those taxes helps the economy.

Lots of great stuff in today’s episode: even Keynesian researchers disagree with Krugman; it’s not true that the job creation numbers under Obama are better than in the 1980s; and how Krugman can claim to be right no matter what happens.

Krugman Column

Trump Is Right on Economics” (Sept. 7, 2015)

Contra Columns

The Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Changes: Estimates Based on a New Measure of Fiscal Shocks,” by Christina D. Romer and David H. Romer
Paul Krugman: Three Wrongs Don’t Make a Right,” by Bob Murphy
Paul ‘Orwell’ Krugman Touts Job Growth in the Obama Recovery,” by Bob Murphy

Graph: Employment-Population Ratio: Men


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