Ep. 25 Krugman Says: You Racist Republicans Paved Way for Trump

5 March 2016     |     Tom Woods     |     16

Bob and Tom use Krugman’s column as a springboard from which to try to come to grips with the Trump phenomenon. Krugman does get a bit of it right this week, as it turns out, but whom are you going to look to on this, Krugman or Bob and Tom?

Krugman Column

Twilight of the Apparatchiks” (February 26, 2016)

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  • newyakisoba

    Dr. Woods and Dr. Murphy made a good (and long overdue) point about the thinking of many who have actually been in the armed forces. “Veterans” are among the most dedicated libertarians in the U.S.A. Personally, I came across Ron Paul’s book “The Revolution” in a PX in Korea in 2008. This book triggered my own intellectual revolution. Many of us, when growing up, were not exposed to Mises and Rothbard.

    • https://www.facebook.com/david.rogers.hunt David_Rogers_Hunt

      If veterans are among the most dedicated libertarians in the U.S.A. (a statement I would agree with),… why is it that NONE of the Republican primary voters either know this or care? Most voters seem to believe that it is the neo-cons who are pro-military, while libertarians are universally seen as unrealistic pacifists. This drives me NUTS that we libertarians are able to derive so little traction with what should obviously be a huge advantage!

      Imagine if Ron Paul, in 2008 and 2012, and Rand Paul, this election cycle, has always been accompanied by military personnel who supported them over the neo-con chicken hawks. How could we have lost? Am I wrong? How many ace high straight flushes can a political movement be given on a silver platter,… and to then only squander them without even a moment’s thought or awareness?

      • newyakisoba

        The Neocons fear and loath real soldiers. Neocons fear soldiers because a few soldiers have actual knowledge of war and its tragic effects. Neocons promote wars, they don’t fight wars. They don’t want to meet the people they are sending off to kill and die.
        Also, veterans have a residue of credibility, in sharp contrast to Neocons, who are universally suspected (and with good reason) of dishonesty. Neocons want soldiers and ex-soldiers to shut up – or, even better, to hurry up and die! This partially accounts for the kind of “treatment” delivered by the V.A. medical system.

        • https://www.facebook.com/david.rogers.hunt David_Rogers_Hunt

          Which just goes to reinforce my point/question. Why didn’t either Paul Presidential campaign make any greater effort to exploit this HUGE advantage they enjoyed over any of their opponents? Rand Paul was boasting about how his campaign was about to turn around because of all the organized college students he had supporting him. But, of course, no Republican primary voter ever gave a Damn about the opinions of college kids. But the opinions of military personnel would have been decisive! Am I wrong?

          • newyakisoba

            Dr. Woods had those two air force pilots on his podcast recently, and I think this may have started something. The armed forces contain a huge pool of potential Libertarians. It is true they are not of the intellectual caliber of Dr. Woods and Dr. Murphy, but how many of us are? Before I read Ron Paul, the best political thinkers I knew of were Alan Bloom, Tacitus, Henri Pirenne, and EKL. And most people only knew about EKL because “Leftism Revisited” was advertised in National Review. Libertarian thought had been successfully suppressed in the U.S.A. until Ron Paul broke through.

          • https://www.facebook.com/david.rogers.hunt David_Rogers_Hunt

            It’s all very well to have air force pilots on podcasts, but my point/question is why don’t libertarian political campaigns make more of an effort (or any effort for that matter) to publicize the huge pool of support our ideas have already within the military? Consider Veterans for Ron Paul https://youtu.be/yP8q7fc7TR4 11:52 minutes; which was posted on Sep 7, 2011 and still only has 25,000+ views. Why?!

          • newyakisoba

            Mr. Hunt, I share your sentiment and I have also wondered about this. I think there is some sort of class alienation at play here. I hope Libertarians will make a greater effort to communicate with people who were and are in the armed forces. It is fertile ground for the “Freedom Philosophy”, as Dr. Paul calls it. Perhaps Dr. Woods will have more people with military experience on in the future. I know Jason Stapleton, who has lots of experience as a combat Marine, has been on the podcast. He is the sort of veteran who can have a powerful influence.

          • Luke Perkins

            I think part of it, in general, not the Paul campaigns for whom I cannot speak, is many libertarians think the veterans must be on board with the wars, after all, who precisely is doing the bombing and shooting? The soldiers.

            For many libertarians, the idea of redemption is impossible, once a statist always a statist, and soldiers are, by definition, the violence organs of the state, ergo veterans must be inveterate statists.

            Also, many libertarians think the propaganda is so obviously false, how could anyone fall for it and become a soldier in the first place? Again, all this points to the veterans being a major opponent of liberty.

            Of course, in the actual population of veterans, we find a wide variety ranging from absolute statists to total anarchists, so you are right, we should be getting a hold of the veterans on our side and making sure their voices are heard in reply to the neo-cons; but that said, I think this is a large part of why the liberty movement doesn’t court the veterans in large numbers.

            Now that you have me thinking about it, veterans as a group were lied to by their country, abandoned by their masters, ignored by those they tried to protect, and distrusted by the philosophy which could set them free. Sad story… poor bastards.

          • https://www.facebook.com/david.rogers.hunt David_Rogers_Hunt

            I am old enough to recall it was returning Vietnam War veterans that first opened the eyes of anti-war activists at the time. They were our first teachers and our first allies. I’ve never meet any libertarians who have simply dismissed veterans as you have suggested above.

            That being said,… why do we libertarians make such poor use of such a valuable asset? I don’t really know,… but deep down I don’t believe we’re really interested in changing the temperament of the debate.

  • Dagny

    Bob needs to relax. He’s irreplaceable!

  • Dagny


    This Reason piece best articulates the essence of what drives the Trump train.

  • Mark

    Why should women hate Trump? Because he had the balls to stand up to Kelly’s silly accusation of sexism?

  • JimD

    Excellent discussion. Best in the series.

  • Eileen

    The Democrats mentioned that they fear a Trump candidacy because he would draw around 20% of the Democratic base; so they will say anything to derail Trump.

  • Jabor

    Thank you Bob for discussing something that has bothering me for a while but that I could never verbalize; the comments about the different orthodoxy that each party has to kowtow to in order not to be ostracized. It’s probably why I would never be accepted or join any party, lol.

  • Nathair /|

    My excuses for not going on the cruise are:
    1. It’s way way way too expensive for me.
    2. I’m on the autism spectrum and that many people in a confined space where I don’t know anyone else is terrifying