Ep. 209 Robots Aren’t the Problem

27 October 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     5

Krugman criticizes Democrats who think automation is behind American job losses. But just when he’s sounding sensible, he jumps back into “inadequate spending” being the problem.

Krugman Column

“Democrats, Avoid the Robot Rabbit Hole” (October 17, 2019)

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  • ProfessorBernardoDeLaPaz

    I reckon I am every bit as presumptuous as Will Shakespeare AND Noah Webster, so I not so humbly offer POLYPLECTA to resolve Tom’s dilemma.

  • JimD

    Re Krugman’s contradiction, it may be that the data is changing on job losses. See Susan Houseman’s comments on Econ Talk two weeks ago. So Krugman (like apocryphally Keynes) changes his opinions when the facts change.

  • davegrille

    The next phase of automation.”CNC,computer numerical control opens vast new capabilities.

  • Ariel

    I’m voting Yang because Krugman thinks he’s wrong. Whoever Krugman thinks is wrong has to be right.

  • James Vanden Eynden

    Um, I see the self checkouts, I see the inside of Amazon warehouses, I see the inside of factories, I see the end of call center jobs, I see autonomous vehicles coming, I see what AI will soon be taking over as far as jobs now are, I see the mom and pop stores closing , I see big business merging and monopolizing industries, I see people making alot of money doing nothing that provides production, I see only big houses being built, I see minimum wage being stagnant, I see prices of everything inflating except for the value of the time of someone who is part of the supply chain.