Ep. 201 The White Nationalist Hoax

17 August 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     18

The ordinarily serene Bob Murphy is genuinely outraged in this episode, in which we cover Krugman’s casual claim that Donald Trump is trying to establish an “authoritarian, white nationalist regime.” Needless to say, it does not matter what your opinion of Trump is. This idea is out of some sort of alternate reality that in no way corresponds to the real world, but which in classic Orwellian style is presented as if all reasonable people just know it to be true.

Krugman Column

Useful Idiots and Trumpist Billionaires” (August 12, 2019)

Contra Column

You Are Still Crying Wolf,” by Scott Alexander

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  • Josh Rickets Doorenbos

    Tom’s got Sight Privilege. Probably a Sight Supremacist. Probably supports a Sight Nationalist government.

  • Greg

    Isn’t it funny: Jews can politically organize and campaign for their interest, Blacks and Hispanics can do the same. But if a white person does so, they’re a white supremacist.

    It’s obvious why. We are not a color blind society. We have affirmative action and racial set asides. Certain groups, such as the Jews, are well organized and wield tremendous political power. How does one maintain and extend such benificial treatment? By shutting down the opposition. The group, from whose pound of flesh, all these wonderful minority prevliges are taken. Whites have become second class citizens in the country they built. And white leftist are enthusiastically slitting heir own throats and those of their children. Evolution should weed these bastads out, but they are taking the rest of us with them.

    Is it worth mentioning that Paul Krugman is Jewish. Many Jews claim to be ashamed to be white, while knowing they have a “get out of jail free” card in their hip pocket. How come they never claim to be ashamed of being Jewish for Israel’s treatment of the Palastinians?

    This will not end well. This stuff (identity politics) is making a lot of people very pissed (even Bob Murphy). We are already starting to see the blowback from some of the crazies.

    • mary

      You got it, Greg. It’s not funny, it’s frightening.

  • mary

    Do you wonder why thiis column comes out now? Funny that iit’s after Epstein’s “death.” Look at who is involved in the Epstein pedo ring. A lot of Jewish names….

  • JimD

    Thought this blog was contra Krugman. Not pro Trump rants.

    • http://www.TomWoods.com Tom Woods

      Krugman thinks there’s a white nationalist conspiracy at the highest levels. So yeah, we’re contra Krugman (like all normal people).

    • papatch

      You may have missed the point of the discussion, don’t you think?

  • Bob_Robert


  • CM

    Hey, I am not a White Nationalist! Some of my best friends are White Nationalists!

    • martinbrock

      I’m a libertarian. We don’t have friends.

  • http://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com Ludwig van El

    Hey! I’m a white anarchist! (curious to hear what response that would deliver, (probably some: “so you’re a communist?” “No, I’m an ancap” “That’s not real anarchism!”

  • martinbrock

    “White nationalism” is a hoax for countless reasons, not least because the whole idea is incoherent. “White” describes a color or racial category of dubious value, not a nationality. “English”, “Irish” and “Welsh” describe nationalities, all comprised of predominately “white” people and all distinct from French and German nations also comprised of “white” people with historical rivalries. There has never been a “white” nation, and there will never be one.

    But “white nationalism” is a hoax in the central north America in 2019 more significantly because it’s a diversion from more substantial political divisions. The rhetorical fervor over “white nationalism” is so intense precisely because actual, self-described “white nationalists” are as inconsequential as their ideology is incoherent. Of all the outrages one might protest, “white nationalism” is the least objectionable. Protesting the military-industrial complex or corporatism more generally subjects the protester to many more objections. Protesting Trump’s “white nationalism” or pussy grabbing is far less objectionable than protesting his fiscal, monetary or foreign policies.

    “White nationalism” is a fairy tale, like the Devil. Focusing your outrage on a fairy tale is much safer than focusing it on forces actually threatening you. Libertarians often focus their attention on similar fairy tales, like social justice warriors with little influence outside of academies, social media and occasional short-lived protests. The conflict between “white nationalists” on “the right” and “antifa” on “the left” is inconsequential political theater, and actual powers that be are happy to see their subjects obsessing over it.

    • davidnrobyn

      The first two sentences of your third paragraph were the crux of your post, and all you needed to write. I take exception to the third sentence, however. SJWs and their “philosophy” are coming to define the DNC platform, the dem congressmen/women, and the dem candidates. With some exceptions, of course, who are fighting a seemingly losing battle.

      BTW, the devil is not a fairy tale. Bad analogy.

      • martinbrock

        The Democratic Party establishment doesn’t care about social justice warfare much more than you do. Platforms are feckless political documents filled with prescriptions for kissing babies. SJWs get your goat, but they don’t get many of your tax dollars in reality, and Reps also play the SJW game. They’re as outraged by “antisemitism” (meaning opposition to policies of the Israeli state) and as eager to “protect women” as their counterparts on “the left”. Clinton’s impeachment over fornigate was as much a circus as the Thomas and Kavanaugh hearings and cost more tax dollars. Meanwhile, politicians from both parties at every level publicly conspire to cover up a billionaire’s teen sex trafficking ring. The “left” vs. “right” divide is as much a distraction as social justice warfare. SJW is only one act in the drama.

  • papatch

    I predict than in the not to distant future the herd will be thinned.

  • Janina


  • mksharma62

    All this propaganda, right or false, many think it is false propaganda against Trump, is in effect going to enhance the ‘stars’ of Trump greatly and will surely place him in the presidential seat next time also.

  • davidnrobyn

    Krugman is critiquing a non-existent state of affairs. He makes assertions that bear no resemblance to visible reality. Like his assertion that Trump is trying to destroy the rule of law. Au contraire, he’s trying to restore it, after its having been trampled in the dust, lo these many years. And he speaks of an “independent media”, when they’re obviously puppet media to any casual observer. Speaking of puppets, I get the impression that the only part of this essay Krugman actually wrote was his signature.