Ep. 182 Hooray for the Minimum Wage? How Economists Went Off Track

30 March 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     8

In paying his respects to the recently deceased Alan Krueger, author of the widely discussed 1994 Card-Krueger study on the minimum wage, Krugman praises him for changing the way economists think about that subject. According to Krugman/Krueger, the labor market is more complicated than we thought, and increases in the minimum wage appear to have little to no effects on employment. Here’s our reply to all this.

Krugman Column

Mourning the Loss of Alan Krueger” (March 19, 2019)

Contra Columns

Economists Debate the Minimum Wage,” by Bob Murphy

Large Increases in the Minimum Wage Are Likely to Destroy Jobs,” by Bob Murphy

The 20th anniversary of the myth that won’t quit,” by Michael Saltsman

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