Ep. 180 Are We Full of Irrational Rage? (This One’s a Doozy)

16 March 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     3

Krugman can’t get over the stupid things his opponents get upset about, and how full of irrational rage they are — quite unlike today’s left, you understand.

Krugman Column

The Power of Petty Personal Rage” (March 11, 2019)

Link Mentioned

The Outrageous Cost of the Green New Deal,” by Bob Murphy

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  • Bob Neighbours

    I’m calling for that. Mobs of people going around pulling politicians from their houses and beating them to death sounds awesome. Being a politician is like being a mafia don or head of a terrorist organization but way worse. So yeah beat every last one of those degenerates to death.

  • martinbrock

    I’m tempted to skip this episode. Krugman sees most of the petty rage on the right, and Tom sees most of it on the left. I see it from every direction and don’t keep score. It’s all a diversionary distraction from issues I take seriously.

  • MDBurk2754

    Re. the congressman’s article (that Krugman referenced in his column) whose first sentence was along the line of “Welcome to Socialism in California.”: WELCOME?!?!? As if Sacramento’s intervention into CA’s- and the rest of the country’s/world’s- economy is something without history?