Ep. 179 How to Defeat a Smear Attack Against You

9 March 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     3

This week, although we do cover Krugman a bit, we use a recent Caitlin Johnstone article as a springboard for discussion. With social media and traditional media in swarm mode against perpetrators of thoughtcrime, what is the best approach to maintain one’s good name?

Column Discussed

How (And How Not) To Beat A Smear Campaign,” by Caitlin Johnstone

Videos Mentioned

Gov. Northam asked about moonwalk

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Rothbard on smearbund

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  • James Adams

    Do the Zombie prequel!! Definitely do it. My idea would be putting Tom in a Krugman mask and subjecting Bob to mainstream media Clockwork Orange style, with Bob coming out of it as a zombie parroting mainstream media talking points.

  • Marxamillion

    Nice going, Tom! Couldn’t quite bring yourself to commit to what Rep. Omar said as being the truth. Way to cling to that 3×5! But what should one expect from someone who airs a “debate” framed to how BIG Israel should BE? I’m thinking 3×5. Perhaps you should worry less about “proactive” and focus more on not suffering so much from pragmatism (and not just in regards to traffic laws either).

  • http://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com Ludwig van El

    So, thinking about how to apply this to climate. And the argument for CO2- reduction is not made in good faith:
    Al Gore doesn’t believe a word of it, as proven by the fact, that he has never attempted to stop Obama (8 years, 7 wars; 1 Nobel for peace, 0 days of peace; nobody can trump 0, not even literally Hitler), So Gore was OK with Obama driving the world to the brink of catastrophic climate change.