Ep. 178 Let’s Socialize the Family, Say Warren and Krugman

4 March 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     20

This week Krugman endorses Elizabeth Warren’s plan for subsidized child care at the federal level. It’s so cheap, and it would help so many people! Meh.

Krugman Column

Democrats for Family Values” (February 21, 2019)

Contra Columns

“Why Uncle Sam Would Make a Bad Nanny,” by Rachel Greszler and Lindsey M. Burke
“Federal Early Childhood Education, Care Doesn’t Benefit Kids. Here Are the Facts,” by Lindsey M. Burke
“Why Is Day Care Scarce and Unaffordable?” by Jeffrey Tucker
Children Don’t Need ‘Day Care For All,’ They Need Their Mothers,” by Joy Pullmann

Link Mentioned

Bob Murphy Show, Ep 19: Why Rothbardian Institutions Would Become Nonviolent

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