Ep. 172 The Government Shutdown: A Big Libertarian Experiment?

19 January 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     6

Krugman points out that even though Republicans have been calling for limited government for as long as anyone can remember, now that the federal government shutdown is upon us they’re desperate to get emergency funding for various government functions. In this episode, we discuss this argument, as well as whether the shutdown is really a “big libertarian experiment,” as Krugman claims.

Krugman Column

Trump’s Big Libertarian Experiment” (January 10, 2019)

Articles Mentioned

Paul Krugman’s Conversion to a 70-Percent Income Tax,” by William Anderson
The Reformer’s Plight in The Great Idea,” by Bryan Caplan

Book Mentioned

The Primal Prescription: Surviving the Sick Care Sinkhole, by Bob Murphy and Doug McGuff

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  • ProfessorBernardoDeLaPaz

    in re “soaking up the sun in Alaska”

    The answer is yes. It can get hot in the summer.
    Depending on timing, if you stop in Ketchikan and you have all day, a hike up Deer Mountain is a spectacular treat. If you only have time to stick to the waterfront, have a drink at the Fo’c’s’le (if it’s still there forty-three years later…)

    • Tyler Folger

      I have a strict rule that I only consume things that I can pronounce. Getting a drink at a place with an incoherent name might be technically allowed, but that’s iffy.

      • http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/political_reading_room/ disqus_3BrONUAJno

        Unless you are very well educated in the terminology of organic chemistry, it is a miracle that you have not starved, yet.

  • Ludwig van El

    (haven’t listened to the episode yet)
    in a sendse trump is quite libertarian, isn’t he? Since the NAP is
    perhaps THE defining ibertarian position, his efforts to negotiate
    peace with Russia and DPRK are quite libertarian. 🙂

  • Don Lingerfelt

    Have you guys seen “Parks and Recreation”?

  • Lysander Spooner

    In Libertopia there would be no government to enforce drug patents and no FDA to approve drugs.

    It seems to me that research into diseases and conditions would be funded by charitable foundations and they would publish reviews into the best ways to cure or alleviate health issues.

    At the moment most of the money goes to drug research, but in Libertopia research money would be spread around all sorts of potential treatments – diet, supplements, exercise, talking therapies, etc – as well as combinations of existing drugs and potential new drugs. A much more complex ecosystem would almost certainly make faster progress than the current focus on big pharma.