Ep. 171 The Economics of Soaking the Rich

12 January 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     14

Paul Krugman loves Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and says her suggestion for a much higher top marginal income tax rate is actually well founded and economically sound. Now if the column were just about that, it’d make for a great episode of Contra Krugman. But the way Krugman speaks of “the rich” is downright sinister, and we hit that head on as well.

Krugman Column

The Economics of Soaking the Rich” (January 5, 2019)

Contra Columns

Bob explains why Krugman is wrong on rich people not contributing to society:
Does a Worker Help the Rest of Society?” by Bob Murphy

Bob summarizes economics literature on taxes and growth:
What Economic Research Says About Fiscal Austerity and Higher Tax Rates,” by Bob Murphy

Phil Magness explains the high marginal income tax rates of the postwar era:
“The Rich Never Actually Paid 70 Percent,” by Phillip W. Magness

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