Ep. 169 You Want the Free Market? You’re Unscientific and a Hack

23 December 2018     |     Tom Woods     |     3

Why can’t Krugman be a plain old economist who speaks in a nonpartisan way? That’s what supporters asked after hearing him speak dispassionately about trade on a recent podcast. His answer: people who oppose me on fiscal and monetary policy are partisan cranks with no scientific standing, so they deserve to be smashed.


In this episode, we do the smashing….

Krugman Twitter Thread

Click here to read it.

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  • Craig

    I can think of two reasons why an irresponsible teenager with a credit card might think just running up his bill would be better than working productively.
    (1) In the end he will stiff the credit card company and never pay his bill.
    (2) He has hacked into his bank and can increase the balance of his account as necessary so that, as Greenspan said, he can always pay his bill.

  • Kristian

    On a random note…I saw an ad on youtube before a Ron Paul video…with Paul krugman. He is doing a “master class”…I think you guys should definitely sign up and troll that!

  • https://2vnews.com 2VNews

    If you have a 100% trade deficit with country A and a 100% trade surplus with country B, of equal amounts, do you attack country A for unfair trade?