Ep. 162 LIVE FROM THE CONTRA CRUISE: Hard Questions for Libertarians

27 October 2018     |     Tom Woods     |     12

Aboard our third Contra Cruise, we take on some of the hardest questions libertarians have to answer: roads, the poor, defense, and more.

Article Mentioned

Libertarian Law and Military Defense,” by Bob Murphy

Video Mentioned

Book Mentioned

The Privatization of Roads and Highways, by Walter Block

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Contra Krugman: Smashing the Errors of America’s Most Famous Keynesian

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  • LP

    Hans Monderman was the traffic engineer. He has since died, but due to reasons unrelated to crossing the road backwards.

  • RP

    There was mention of a paper or study showing that it takes $5 for every $1 that makes it to the needy. Is there a link?

    • ThinkSkeptic

      I’m looking or this too. Also curious how many dollars it takes to get $1 to the poor through private charities.

      • RP

        I read a study a few years ago (written in the mid 90s I think) that said with government about 70 cents of every dollar is spent on the bureaucracy and 30 cents makes it to the needy. With private charities it was the inverse with roughly 70 cents of every dollar making it to the needy. I will typically research a charity before donating to make sure the overhead is low. It’s not hard to find them with only 15% going to overhead.

        • LP

          So, I believe DonorSee runs with <10% overhead, counting the credit card processing fees.

    • Stuart Morrow

      I think it’s in Rollback. Might be on Google Books.

  • Just-a-me

    The points in this thing were like truth explosions for me. Tiles in a mall being analogous to roads; freaking genius!
    Warning signs on roads as signal of inefficiency; freaking genius!

  • The NAPster

    For those who want some additional reading on the topic of “hard questions for libertarians,” I’d like to suggest the book I discussed with Tom on Episode 874, “Busting Myths About the State and the Libertarian Alternative.”

  • Stuart Morrow

    You didn’t address how roads are a natural monopoly and you can’t build very good ones without eminent domain.

    • ibc

      Yep. Can anyone recommend an libertarian / Austrian School podcast that’s a little more…um…thoughtful?

      • Stuart Morrow

        There’s a Tom Woods episode about building roads with eminent domain.

  • Dan Mitchell

    If there’s ever a Contra Kruise out of Baltimore I’m there!