Ep. 147 Krugman Hearts Democratic Socialists; We Don’t

15 July 2018     |     Tom Woods     |     9

During the 2016 campaign Krugman was critical of Bernie Sanders, but all of a sudden he can’t see anything wrong with “radical Democrats” like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We help him see more clearly.

Krugman Column

Radical Democrats Are Pretty Reasonable” (July 3, 2018)

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  • Kristian

    It disturbs me that this democratic socialism is a trend. I hope Alexandria get’s corrupted by corporate lobbying.

  • Bogart

    New Ideas in Democratic Socialism:

    1. Don’t under any circumstances reduce any part of the government including the Military Industrial Complex
    2. Give away more of other peoples money
    3. Raise taxes and finance more with debt
    4. Retire before the whole thing crashes.

    • immatx

      If you like having money you should also like public debt

      • Intersnooze

        There’s no need for a system of ‘money as debt’, except to line the pockets of the usual suspects. Rent-seeking. Heard of it?

  • TiredOfBS

    Guaranteed Federal/state jobs would be the kiss of a slow death to the US. That was inserted in the Argentinean constitution by Peron and it has been one of the biggest cancers in their history. Once you have this massive group of state dependent people they will sell you the idea that downsizing the state is criminal, non human and impossible in practice (unconstitutional). Union power does add a lethal seal to it.

    • http://russlamberti.com/ Russell Lamberti

      See South Africa currently. Guaranteed state jobs is Hotel California.

  • fountainhead

    A “Green New Deal”? Didn’t she rip that off from Jill Stein? https://www.jill2016.com/greennewdeal

  • immatx

    Yall didn’t exactly do his words justice. You can’t just discount 96% of economists positions because they were wrong once (I haven’t read any positions on the economy pre 2007 so I’ll just take your word for it), a balanced budget WOULD be very very bad. Additionally he never walked back the jobs guarantee, he just explained how it would work since apparently there’s some kind of stigma around it. A jobs guarantee wouldn’t actually be all that bad, for one thing it keeps the economy operating at maximum potential. It’s also very much preferable to a universal basic income as it keeps people working. The point of people moving from the private sector to the public sector is a good one, but it ignores that standard wages will also likely rise as workers will be more in demand thanks to the jobs guarantee.

    • Intersnooze

      This comment gets upvotes?

      On THIS site?