Ep. 142 KRUGMAN FLATTENED: The Neocons Are Sincere, He Says, But Everyone Else Is a Shill for the Coal Industry

9 June 2018     |     Tom Woods     |     11

Krugman tips his hat to the neoconservatives, whom he describes as “sincere,” but says the rest of his right-of-center opponents are unprincipled shills. Why, they support Trump’s government support for coal!

Uh, nope.

Krugman Column

Coal, Cash, and Bad Faith” (June 2, 2018)

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‘Economy crippling’ and ‘third grade’ work: Conservatives pan Trump’s move to save failing coal and nuclear plants,” by Tom DiChristopher
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  • http://2vnews.com 2VNews

    Best episode yet.

    • Intersnooze

      Because it may be the worst Krugman ever.

  • mary

    Am I to understand that Bob Murphy thinks there is global warming?!? I would hope that he’s aware that “global temperature”–whatever that means–hasn’t risen in 20 years. Corrupt “scientist” and govt agency liars have been changing the historical data to cover this up.


    Among the less mendacious, it’s been called “the global warming hiatus.”

    I hope Bob isn’t trying to curry favor… na, not possible. Right?

    • http://www.TomWoods.com Tom Woods

      Bob is so principled he refuses to work for any university where he’s receiving government funding, which makes him almost completely unemployable in his preferred field. So now, would you like to ask your question again?

      • mary

        Lighten up, Big Guy. It was a JOKE. You don’t actually think that I think Green Peace is listening to contra krugman, do you??????????????????????

    • BobMurphy9

      Mary, I’m referring to the well-known and non-controversial (even among the “lukewarmers”) increase in global temperature since the Industrial Revolution. The reason they call it “hiatus” is because it was happening before and then took a break. So that very term establishes what I was talking about.

  • https://alazycowboy.com/ Bill Huber

    I am confused with Mr. Krugman’s statement that the EPA will “force clean energy to subsidize dirty energy.” As an example, Germany has the highest electrical rate in Europe because it subsidizes clean energy and has closed down dirty energy. This has been a major competitive disadvantage for German businesses. German’s rates are way higher than French rates and German businesses are complaining. To make matters worse, the excess clean electricity generated in Northern Germany during high wind conditions needs to get to Southern Germany or to disappear. No one wants power generation to be wasted but the Germans tried dumping the excess power on Poland. It caused severe network problems in Poland. Poland asked Germany to never do that again. For the sake of network stability Germany is forced to keep a bunch of coal plants online for an undetermined period of time. Germany’s power generation strategy is boxed in. They are several years behind in getting a cost effective clean power generator to replace the dirty energy plants they closed down. They need a technology miracle.

    Hopefully, the US has learned from Germany’s mistakes. The solution to replacing electrical generation capacity from fully amortized coal powered plants in the US is a really large investment in gas powered plants. Temporarily postponing the plans to shut down the old coal plants is a good, low cost solution that will keep the rates low and the network stable until large gas powered plants can come online. For everyone who likes affordable, reliable electricity this is the best solution for rates and the environment. We do not need to follow Germany’s plan.

    • Intersnooze

      This is correct. Unfortunately there is a significant portion of the politically engaged and employed population which believes that state regulations and mandates resulting in less efficient production ‘creates jobs’.

      They must be William S. Burroughs fans: “Exterminate all rational thought.”

  • Arthur_500

    A number of years ago I heard the phrase anyone who has taken economics 101 knows…

    Just as anyone who takes psychology 101 learns about Sigmund Freud it is much later that they finally learned that Freud was completely debunked for the last hundred years we’ve been hearing about John Maynard Keynes and the reality is he has been debunked but it is easy for politicians to tax and spend and claim the Keynes economics supports this. To me this is singling the most damning statement in the entire article

  • NoMoreFed

    I am thankful that Tom and Bob point out the many innocent people who have died as a result of the neocon foreign policy. While war is expensive and causes blowback, the number one reason (and the moral reason) to be against war is the killing of innocent human life. There are all too many libertarians who fail to point this out.

  • Intersnooze

    Krugman’s penchant for serving links to his readers that make the opposite point to the one he claims they do shows that he and I have one thing in common:

    Utter contempt for Krugman’s audience.