Ep. 141 Do You Want the Crankish Monetary System We Have Now, or This Other Crankish Monetary System?

2 June 2018     |     Tom Woods     |     12

It’s one thing to find problems with the current monetary system. It’s quite another to recommend an alternative. Switzerland has establishment commentators going berserk over its own proposal — why, this would return us to the “Dark Ages,” warns Business Insider. We’re less interested in Switzerland than we are in figuring out what changes would move us in the right direction, and what changes would amount to the cure being worse than the disease.

Articles Mentioned

Switzerland is about to vote on whether to send its financial system back to the Dark Ages in a referendum to ban banks from creating moneyFiat Money and the Euro Crisis,” by Will Martin
Popular initiative ‘For crisis-safe money: Money creation by the National Bank only! (Sovereign Money Initiative)’” (The Federal Council of the Swiss Government)

Professor Herbener’s Congressional Testimony

Separation of Money and State

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