Ep. 126 Deficit Hawks Are Hypocrites (Says Krugman, Who Is 100% Not a Hypocrite)

16 February 2018     |     Tom Woods     |     4

Krugman can’t believe Republicans who worried about deficits under Obama — when, according to Keynesianism, we needed deficits to help the struggling economy — have no problem with them today, at a time when Keynesianism would consider them unnecessary.

Yes, there are plenty of Republican hypocrites, whom we do not spare in this episode. But Krugman and his friends might want to be more careful when accusing other people of hypocrisy….

Krugman Column

Fraudulence of the Fiscal Hawks” (February 8, 2018)

Contra Column

Paul Krugman Should Love President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan,” by Bob Murphy

What Krugman Said in 2003

A Fiscal Train Wreck,” by Paul Krugman

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