Ep. 115 Brutal: Contra Krugman Takes on Krugman’s P.C. List of America’s Sins

2 December 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     20

In one of the most heated episodes ever, Bob and Tom take apart Krugman’s apologies for not fully appreciating the extent of his “white privilege,” and for the things he says he once appreciated about America that are now disappearing: toleration (no, he’s not criticizing people who shout down speakers), environmental protection, respect for truth and evidence, respect for intellectuals, etc. It’s brutal.

Krugman Column

On Feeling Thankful but Fearful” (November 23, 2017)

Contra Columns

Did the Federal Government Give Americans Clean Air?,” by Bob Murphy
Air Pollution and Alleged Market Failures,” by Bob Murphy

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  • Chris

    absolutely excellent episode !!! Burst out laughing a couple of times !!!
    Favorite quote (paraphrasing Bob): “letting the ca(vea)t out of the bag” !

    • Chris

      ooops, on second listen, … a misquote on my part…

  • https://www.facebook.com/david.rogers.hunt David_Rogers_Hunt

    Since laughing incredulity seems to be the primary subject of this episode, let me suggest Waking Up with Sam Harris #87 – Triggered (with Scott Adams) [2:17:44 minutes] as a podcast that had me laughing so hard I seriously had trouble controling my body functions. Scott Adams predicted Donald Trump’s election when all other opinion seemed to be uniformly against any possiblity of a Trump victory. Scott seems to believe that there is an actual strategy behind what appears to be mere chaos,… and Sam Harris is having none of it!!!

    While I often find Sam Harris to be somewhat bizarre in his opinions (no god; no free will; taking away the false belief in free will will, of course, result in a more enlightened and empathic population; it would be horrible for humanity to be dominated by true artificial general intelligence if it is not conscious). he is one of my favorite public intellectuals to listen to in order to escape my own confirmation bias. But in this podcast, his incredulity with Scott Adam’s answers and perspective upon Trump is priceless. I’ve already listened to this podcast several times,… and I may listen to it yet again.

    • Tasos Obscure

      I remember sam harris referring to US military interventionism saying “…but we are the good guys.”. The man severely lacks in many respects.

      • Stuart Morrow

        (((Sam Harris)))

        Left-liberal + pro-war, or really left-anything + pro-war, is a pretty reliable indicator. Works the other way around, too: Jewish => leftist + pro-war, see e.g. Hollywood.

  • Tasos Obscure

    Trump is a mild reformer, if all he does during his presidency is offend people, fails to appoint leaders of agencies and keeps saying fuck you to the establishment I’m happy because it will bring about a challenge to the unhinged corporatist control freaks that rule the US. As someone that doesn’t live in the US, I’m happy as can be about it’s potential change of direction.
    He has proven to be of good character and an absolute realist, people like us that tend to be much more idealistic would never be able to do that. I propose we support him because men like him would be the ones paving the road to a better future if it ever begins getting paved.
    Now I won’t hide that I find the man absolutely awe inspiring, he is probably the one behind the destruction of the credibility of US mainstream media(through project veritas, his twitter and others). Has driven the democratic party and the nevertrumpers of the republican party into a corner. Made hillary a laughing stock. Seems to be strongly against north korea(which will result in a massive bloodbath if left as is). I have a few more points I like about him but I’ll leave it here.

    • Chris

      agree with your characterization of him and his role in exposing and taking down the giant charade. Don’t, however, agree with belligerent stand to NKorea and everywhere else.

      • Tasos Obscure

        I would agree in general but NK is going to be a bloodbath unless there is intervention. I always prefer to see socialism self destruct naturally but when the country at hand has either a (a) severe amount of conventional explosives to mimic advanced nuclear technology and plentiful enough to cheaply deploy or (b) actual 60s era nuclear technology and on top of that have shown to be quite warmongering throughout the decades. If they achieve multiple sub-based nuclear deterrents and ICBMs, or maybe even launch them into orbit and be able to deploy it immediately whenever they wish, we will see the korean peninsula be nuked out of existence and be able to do nothing because of massive retaliation. A small scale direct attack to NK government at this point in time can be very effective compared to the time bomb that may be ticking down. I don’t see easy options here especially after we saw a missile over tokyo.

        I will add that the soviet union was a massive bureaucracy, compared to north korea that is ruled by very very few people, the incentive to warmonger in order to keep their heads in place is very high.

        • Intersnooze

          Let me see if I can translate what you wrote into the libertarian language:

          You want your State to spend billions of other people’s money to attack another country, killing untold numbers of people on top of the millions they have already killed, based on your feeling that that other State is going to attack yet some other country (that you are in no way responsible for), thus committing certain suicide.

          What NK wants is a deterrent against US aggression. You said the word yourself: “deterrent”. Think about what that means, please.

          • Tasos Obscure

            The non aggression principle has been violated from decades and decades of threads along with ill will exhibited in diplomacy when clinton gave them nukes for power generation.
            Such stupid logic is going to get south korea overrun while nobody can do anything about it.
            Also invading NK and killing a few hundreds of its leaders is hardly “untold” numbers.
            Trump has been trying to involve the UN for a more limited strike but those socialist wankers will do nothing.

            You had rockets above tokyo for fuck sake. Japan even dropped it’s pacifist policies because they know that NK is a real threat.

  • http://mishochu.com Mish Ochu

    For the love of God, please, anyone who’s still interested in “racial justice”, please stop.

    My boys are black and Hispanic. They have more books of their own in their library than most people will ever accumulate. They’re not even three years old. Since they were born in Utah, when they’re old enough to do good works of their own, it will likely be to assist poor white people. Race simply doesn’t matter.

    • Tasos Obscure

      They have to divide us in nice completely separate pieces and pin us against one another, only then will their villainy go unnoticed. It’s an old communist technique.

  • davidnrobyn

    You and Bob do an excellent job of pointing out the inconsistencies and omissions in Krugman’s mea culpas, and also the blatant hypocrisy they reveal. But the underlying motivation seems to be glossed over. Now, it’s probably not right to get to the motivational level (after all, isn’t that the spirit of the “hate crime” (aka, thought crime) legislation? And we can’t really know what goes on in the mind and heart of another human. But with that caveat :-), let me just take a wild, wild guess:
    Krugman isn’t motivated by any real desires for honesty, transparency, humility, justice, even-handedness, truthfulness, or sincerity. Or even–and this is really nasty on my part–by a desire to see the world a better place, and the willingness to “do evil that good may come”. It’s apparent to me at least, that like much of the left, he’s motivated purely by political considerations and desires for power and personal gain.
    Read That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis. Krugman, like the character Paul (prescient?) in that book, has the kind of writing facility that makes him a useful tool in the hands of the powerful to shape public opinion. They give Krugman the memes, he fleshes them out with facile prose. That’s his function, and he was rewarded with a Nobel, among other things, for it.

  • Stuart Morrow

    wew lad

    Edit: Ha, he actually called himself white! JEWISH CRYPSIS as always.

  • mary

    Ludwig von Mises
    says as he pleases
    despite the reprises of Keynes.
    From Bernanke’s sleazes
    and Krugman’s diseases
    von Mises unfreezes our brains.

    Don’t know where i got this but had to share it. 😉

  • Joshua Crosby

    White privilege? Why do you make assumptions about me based on my skin color?

  • Bill Haynes

    Paul Krugman, another neutered male.

  • johnnyreb

    Sorry guys but I get sick hearing you feel it necessary to jump on the virtue-signalling bandwagon. Then you giggle like a couple of grade school children. I like most of what you say but I’m sorry to hear behavior like that..

    • http://www.TomWoods.com Tom Woods

      No idea what you’re talking about. Maybe our show isn’t for you.

  • Greg Stech

    tom you do need to set up a donation or patreon page get you and bob paid a lil