Ep. 108 Do We Need an Interventionist at the Fed?

16 October 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     4

Krugman is concerned that Trump will appoint a hands-off Fed chairman who hasn’t learned the lessons of history.

We challenge the hidden premise in there.

Krugman Column

Will Trump Trumpify the Fed?” (October 6, 2017)

Articles Mentioned

The Myth of the “Independent” Fed,” by Tom DiLorenzo
The Political Business Cycle,” by William Nordhaus
The 19th-Century Bernanke,” by Dan Sanchez

Video Mentioned

Speech Mentioned

It’s Greek to Me,” by Kevin Warsh

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  • FrenchHoneyBadger

    I would like to point out that Trump was not inconsistent with regards to the Fed during his campaign, at least I can give him the benefit of the doubt. He did say that as a real estate guy he loves low interests, and he said that the Fed blows up bubbles. That’s not inconsistent, it just shows where his gut instincts as a real estate guy points to: low interest but he also realizes that this creates bubbles.

  • maninthewilderness

    An Aegean cruise? Excellent idea. Bring it on!

  • davegrille

    The Fed has never expressed competence or expertise.

    • Intersnooze

      It’s perhaps unsurprising that 99% of people think like economists when discussing the Fed. Think like a warrior for once: Does control of the Fed give certain people the power to crash the US economy at their discretion?

      Compared to that power, conventional weapons pale.