Ep. 79 Since Government Is Awesome, Where and Why Would You Cut the Budget?

24 March 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     2

Conservatives suffer from the delusion that government spending is generally waste that doesn’t do anyone any good, says Krugman. Now that they’re in power, they’re seeing how great and important government is, and how much voters love it. So where are their promised budget cuts going to come from?
Bob and Tom sort through it all!

Krugman Column

Conservative Fantasies, Colliding With Reality” (March 27, 2017)

Contra Columns

The Great Meals on Wheels Debacle, Explained,” by Kevin Drum
Did the Federal Government Give Americans Clean Air?,” by Bob Murphy
Opting Out of Social Security,” by Bob Murphy

Podcast Episodes Mentioned (Tom Woods Show)

Ep. 872 Obamacare, Trumpcare, and Rand Paul: A Closer Look (Jane Orient)
Ep. 481 How Capitalism Can Fix Health Care (Josh Umbehr)

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  • Stuart Morrow

    There’s a few good (edit: juicy) Power Hour episodes about the EPA. Re the Clean Air Act, ISTR it was some car company or another that lobbied for it. So it was never anything to do with clean air to begin with.

  • Kaedwon

    I remember when NPR fired Juan Williams for his comment about being nervous on a plane full of Muslims. When people called for an end to public funding for CPB, their defense was that a small fraction of their operating budget – 5 pct. or so – comes from taxpayers. If so, what difference would it make? That lost 5 pct. could easily be offset by donations from “corporate sponsors” like Ford and Exxon/Mobil, and rich white people who are their only audience anyway.