Ep. 56 LIVE from the Contra Cruise: How Krugman Wants to Make You Poorer

15 October 2016     |     Tom Woods     |     6

In this special episode recorded before a live audience on board the Contra Cruise, which Tom and Bob are hosting this week, your hosts take on Krugman on tighter fuel efficiency standards of automobiles, Krugman’s anti-scientific statements on climate change, and more, including audience questions.

Krugman Column

What About the Planet?” (October 7, 2016)

Contra Column

First They Came for the V8s,” by Eric Peters

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  • http://mishochu.com Mish Ochu

    Love the fact a Bitcoin question came up…yes, Bitcoin lovers are nerds.

    I think Bitcoin is absolutely useless for speculation and storage of value (for now). Pseudonymity is where it shines. Not everyone is ready for this, so I think not everyone is ready for Bitcoin.

    Earn in Bitcoin…don’t just buy it. Use it to buy gold/silver (store value there). Remain anonymous (to the best of your abilities).

  • nonlinearsandwich

    The best line in the show was by Dr. Woods: “Oh, shut up!” He sounded like John Cleese.

  • Kenn Williamson

    I wanted to go on the cruise!

  • Chris Baty

    I believe that NASA research indicates that all planets in the solar system are warming: hmm. Also, it would be much cheaper to have our bomber fleet seed clouds over the oceans, creating more cloud cover that reflect radiation, than requiring everyone to drive a Prius.

  • xodix467

    You quote fuel efficiency, by which you and the feds mean mpg, but that isn’t a measure of efficiency at all! As you stated, you have 5 kids, so efficiency really ends up being mpg/lb. of payload. Little cars don’t carry much, so they might actually be less efficient when full, compared to your larger vehicle when full. Correspondingly, your larger vehicle is less efficient than the little one when they are both empty.

  • Mark Carroll

    Re the crappy spare tires. I don’t know the exact percentage (Eric Peters might know), but the tire wells of (probably) most cars will hold a full size spare. You will have to buy a wheel and tire, of course, but for those that would rather have a wheel/tire combination that matches the rest of the car, it’s the way to go. Just take your car into your local tire dealer and ask.