Ep. 40 Krugman Shocked by GOP “Scandals,” Not So Shocked at Destruction of Libya, Iraq

19 June 2016     |     Tom Woods     |     13

This week, Krugman suggests that the Republican Party attracts scammers and shysters who build email lists of gullible conservatives and then market fearmongering products or “get-rich-quick” schemes to them. Thank goodness the Democrats never do anything like that! They teach that the only way to prosper is through hard work and individual initiative, and…. Well, anyway, this is a juicy episode. Listen to it, or the world will end.

Krugman Column

A Party Agrift” (June 13, 2016)

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Contra Column

Krugman Misleading on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal,” by Bob Murphy

On the Fiduciary Rule

What the Department of Labor Filing Means for Financial Professionals” (podcast)

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