Ep. 205 Is This Evidence of an Authoritarian Regime?

14 September 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     9

Krugman argues that an undemocratic, authoritarian regime is being built in the United States, and cites Sharpiegate and Trump’s treatment of the auto industry as prime examples.

Krugman Column

“How Democracy Dies, American Style” (September 9, 2019)

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“IER Comment on Proposed SAFE Vehicles Rule”

Murphy gives the full story behind SharpieGate

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  • Tuppenceworth

    For what it’s worth, the description of the corporate attitude to the federal government regulation versus the individual laws varying by state — the idea of companies wanting to make a one-size product without fear of local competition taking advantage of more lenient rules in each particular jurisdiction — is EXACTLY the same as the corporate attitude vis a vis the European Union and the laws in each nation.

    This is a large chunk of the reason why multinational companies are so opposed to Brexit and why they push for “regulatory alignment” if it goes ahead.

    • Tuppenceworth

      Postscript: Totally not relevant but you need to see this…

      • martinbrock

        Depressing but true.

    • Cynthiacurran

      Bull. Companies would dumped Michigan with its heavy unionization for the US south, if Trump kept his mouth shout. In reality, the Midwest is not a rustbelt, only a few cities really suffered. The Midwest has a lower poverty than the West, remember New Mexico is the 2nd poorest state. in the country. The Midwest according to the US census has the 2nd lowest poverty rate in the US 10.4 to the Northeast 10.3 percent. The west’s poverty rate is 11.2 percent and south is a high 13.6 percent. The South not the Midwest is more of a rustbelt do to lower income and a great loss of textile jobs never mention by Trump.

      • Tuppenceworth

        Well, I can’t speak to which states are poorer or good places to manufacture as I am not a US resident. This is a point about corporate pressure on authorities for a common set of regulations (even if it is a stringent one). The companies could actually be based *outside any* of the jurisdictions, it makes no difference to this principle — only that they sell to all of them.

  • http://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com Ludwig van El

    Have I got news for Mr. Krugman: democratic government is a contradiction in terms. To govern = to exercise power over (a person/group of persons).
    Demos = people/village, Cratos = power, and according to my high-school teacher, democracy stands for “power to the people” (though in practice it always comes down to power OVER the people.

  • martinbrock

    Trump isn’t building an authoritarian regime. He’s exposing one. Unfortunately, he doesn’t expose it to oppose it. He just can’t keep his mouth shut.

  • Cynthiacurran

    Just let the jobs go to the south. Trump complains way too much about the auto industry going overseas. In fact the south has gain a lot of foreign auto companies that northern states like Michigan lose over their unions. Trump has to kiss the labor unions by blaming jobs going overseas instead of the south like South Carolina, Alabama, and Texas.

  • http://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com Ludwig van El

    A left-winger complaining about authoritarianism.


    How out of touch with the left could Krugman be?
    Oh, hold on, the entire left is out of touch, they like to portray themselves as being for freedom (hence “liberal”), yet they destroy everyone who threatens their hold on society. Not joking: Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh are two that have been physically destroyed (shot dead / stabbed to death).
    The right sacrifices people’s interests to big business and
    the left to their own petty pleasures. Which is why the left is more authoritarian, because every challenge to their authority is a danger to their daily dose of fun.