Ep. 191 Krugman Admits Hurting Trump Better Than Helping the Country, When It Comes to Infrastructure

2 June 2019     |     Tom Woods     |     2

Bob flies solo to point out a shocking admission in Krugman’s column: He actually thinks Democrats are lucky that Trump backed out of an infrastructure deal, even though Krugman also believes the deal would have helped the country. Bob goes on to explain what’s wrong with Krugman’s economic arguments for more government infrastructure spending.

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  • Arthur_500

    I seem to recall, when I was interested in Keynes, that after stimulating the economy during the bad times the debt was paid down during the good times. Keynes wrote his treatise a century ago. When do the good times begin so we can pay down the debt?

    • http://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com Ludwig van El

      after the crash/the debt bubble pops.
      That is why no politics: they distort any piece of science they can find, and turn it to their own short term advantage. “The bubble will only pop when I’m long out of politics, until then I can have my fun/get re-elected etc.”