Ep. 135 Evil Fossil Fuel People Are Keeping Renewable Energy Down!

21 April 2018     |     Tom Woods     |     7

Krugman says renewable energy is getting less expensive and more realistic as a power option all the time, and that the only thing standing in the way are shills for the various fossil-fuel industries. Really?

Krugman Column

Earth, Wind and Liars” (April 16, 2018)

Contra Column

Krugman Misleads on Renewables,” by Bob Murphy

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  • Stuart Morrow

    Is it in fact true that we are in a position to transition to clean energy

    I mean, we have pretty clean energy already…

  • martinbrock

    300 years? I don’t care what assumptions they’re making. No one has a clue what the Global Economy or the Global Climate will look like in 300 years. The whole idea of this “analysis” is all the evidence I need of incredible hubris.

  • Robert

    It was from Ep. 1132 of The Tom Woods show, but I’d like to keep everyone updated that we have another addition to the Tom Woods lexicon. “It speaks to…” has been added to the list of disliked phrases.

    It is interesting that the arguments presented in this week’s column are so similar to Ep.4 “Krugman Hearts Solar and Wind” from October 2015. They even start out with that exact phrase, “hippie-dippy.” Not only does he write 10 columns in a row on the same topic, he can also go back and rehash every column on a yearly cycle, hoping that nobody will notice.

  • Matt Obadia

    i don’t understand why Bob is citing IEA… https://www.visualcapitalist.com/experts-bad-forecasting-solar/

  • S A Chaplin

    I know that it is not usual for guests to appear on Contra Krugman but Marc Rauch has made some excellent points on ethanol vs. fossil fuels.

    “Some argue that there’s an ethanol subsidy because there’s a farming subsidy. However, this subsidy is basically for any crops grown, including corn for human consumption. By stretching the argument they can say there’s an corn ethanol subsidy, until guys like me set the record straight. Subsidies that various forms, they’re not just a cash pay-outs.”

  • http://www.jamesbbkk.com/ jamesbbkk

    I wonder how many birds and bats an 850′ windmill could do per annum. It’s like animal sacrifice.

  • Byron Allen

    power companies are fined as a utility by having brown or blackouts. This means they must have reliable energy production when the sun doesn’t shine ( night) or when the wind doesn’t blow. These people who proudly put a solar panel on their roof, do not disconnect from the grid because they want electricity 24 hours a day, thus forcing the power company to plan capacity for them on the day their system breaks or at night. Krugman is totally ignorant ( or deliberately misleading) when he fails to explain the realities of the power generation utilities business. You just cannot trust word that Communist says.