Ep. 134 Liberals Are Honest, Aren’t Bootlickers, and Admit Their Mistakes, Unlike Krugman’s Stupid and Evil Enemies

12 April 2018     |     Tom Woods     |     Leave a comment

In this column Krugman suggests that the decline in the moral and scholarly rigor of conservative intellectuals has to do with the intellectual bankruptcy of the Republican Party, which has no interest in science or truth. So to get ahead or even to be heard, intellectuals have to say ridiculous things that the Party wants to hear.

Left-liberals, by contrast, are overwhelmingly committed to the dispassionate examination of evidence, are not sycophantic toward those in power, and readily admit their mistakes.


And don’t worry: there’s real economics in here, too, as we discuss Krugman’s claims about the predictive power of Keynesianism and the supposedly poor track record of its opponents.

Krugman Column

Unicorns of the Intellectual Right” (April 8, 2018)

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