Ep. 110 Krugman Demands We Admit Our Mistakes, Embrace the Fed

29 October 2017     |     Tom Woods     |     5

Krugman thinks everyone who disagrees with him on monetary policy has been decisively refuted and ought to be ridiculed or ignored. The Fed has done great work, he says. He also insists that unlike him, we refuse to admit our mistakes.

That’s a lot of fodder for one episode. Enjoy!

Krugman Column

The Doctrine of Trumpal Infallibility” (October 23, 2017)

Contra Columns

Paul Krugman: Three Wrongs Don’t Make a Right,” by Bob Murphy
Can the Taylor Rule be a Good Guidance for Policy? The Case of 2001–2008 Real Estate Bubble,” by Mateusz Machaj

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Books Mentioned

Meltdown, by Tom Woods
The Great Deformation, by David Stockman

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